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Business Info

Thankyou for visiting our website and giving us your consideration for your business. Following are some of our company information you may be looking for. If you have any questions not covered please call Mike or Marcella at 232-7576

Hours of Operation


We are located at 19 N Ellison Ave. near downtown Oklahoma City, 3 blocks west of Western between Sheridan and Main (1 mile north of the Ferris Wheel). Office and Warehouse Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Regular delivery days are Tuesday thru Friday. We will do a delivery on Monday if you need us to. Order's for same day delivery must be called in by 11:00 am. Regular orders can be called in at any time and left on the recorder if we're not in. We are not regularly open on Saturday, but if you need to pick something up or need an emergency delivery text Mike at 405-620-2876, and if possible we will help you out.

Delivery outside our area


Our usual delivey area and schedule is Oklahoma City, Tuesday thru Friday, and Norman on Fridays. We will and do make delivery's outside our area, but arrangements must be made in advance, and are not possible on Fridays.



We have shipped all over the country thru UPS, and have daily pickups. For a quote on products with shipping prices call Marcella @ 405-232-7576



Cafe Equipment & Supply is owned by Mike and Marcella Wensel. Opened in June of 1997. We have been in the Bar, Nightclub and Restaurant business since 1984.

The Animals


If you come by the warehouse you will notice some dogs and a cat. They are all rescue animals from around our warehouse area. The inside dogs are very docile. If they are a problem for you, (we know some people have allergies and such) please let us know, and we'll find a spot for them while you are here.

The Guarantee


We sincerely feel we are the most inexpensive bar supply delivery company, possibly in the world, but definitely in Oklahoma. If you think we're not, provide us with weekly invoices covering a 90 day period, with products from the following categories : Bag-in-box, bar mixes, condiments, barwares, glassware, and paper products. We can be a little flexible on that, but they must be regular weekly purchases. We will compare with our up to date catalog. If our prices aren't better we'll give you a $100.00 bill and will correct any deficiency's.